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Please print and fax back to R J Chase Company Inc. (510)471-5248 (ATTN: Richard).  We will get back to you as quickly as possible.  If you prefer, you may e-mail us the same information instead at sales@rjchase.com.   Please include a drawing of your part(s), if available, in your fax or e-mail.

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Function of the Part(s)  
Describe the Part(s) Include size and area to be coated or masked.  

Coating Requirements        Check all that apply

o Non-Stick    o Conductivity  
o Lubricity   o Corrosion Resistance  
o Insulation   o Chemical Resistance  
o FDA Compliant   o Other_________________________________

Substrate/Material Types            Check all that apply

o Steel o Stainless
o Aluminum (Type) o Other  _____________________________________

Maximum Temperature substrate can withstand  
Operating Temperature of Coatings  
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