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"Anatomy of a Nonstick Coating"

Whitford Worldwide Corporation Coatings

Whitford is a worldwide organization that makes the largest, most complete line of flluropolymer coatings in the world. Some of the brands they manufacture are Xylan®, Excalibur®, Dykor®, Xylar®, and Quantanium®. As a long time member of the Whitford "Quality Approved Coater" program, R J Chase Company, Inc.  is experienced with all the Whitford coatings and inventories many of the coatings they manufacture.

The family of coatings Whitford manufactures are fluoropolymers. Whitford takes a slightly different approach to solving problems with fluoropolymer coatings. Instead of bending the problem to match a coating, they start with the problem and develop a coating to solve it. Whitford coatings become the "go to" brand when a custom coating is required.

The following is a list of benefits produced by Whitford Coatings:

  1. Low frictional properties: as low as 0.02.
  2. Wear resistance: even under extreme pressures.
  3. Corrosion and chemical resistance.
  4. Weather resistance: against sunlight, saltwater and road chemicals.
  5. Wide temperature range: from -420° F to +550° F (-250° C to 285° C).
  6. Flexible curing schedule: 300° F to 750° F.
  7. Wide color range: available for most coatings.
  8. Pliability: many Xylan® coatings will bend freely and repeatedly without breaking.
  9. Machineability: apply multiple coats of Xylan® coating (most formulations) and machine to specification.
  10. Excellent adhesion: to most metals, plastics, ceramics, and even to itself (most formulations).

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